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Lawn Removals

Lawns are exacting a huge toll on our environment and our community. We are paying a high price for a landscaping style and aesthetic that is not suited to our climate.

Half of all residential water usage in California goes towards irrigating lawns. Reducing this waste could go a long way towards solving the state's water woes. The cost of maintaining a lawn is also high. An hour of mowing creates as much pollution as a 100 mile car trip.

Organic Landscapes is committed to promoting a landscaping style that is environmental and sustainable. We remove wasteful lawns and install landscapes that use far less water and require no powered equipment maintenance.

Start Saving

A 1000 square feet of lawn will use nearly 30,000 gallons of water a year.

Removing that lawn and putting in an attractive drought-tolerant garden will use 4500 gallons or less a year, for a savings of 85%.

A weekly mowing service may cost you $200 a month. To nicely maintain a low-water landscape or the same size would cost $80 a month from our Green Maintenance division. This could save $1440 a year, or if you have a green thumb, do it yourself and save more.

Contact us today and we'll give you a free estimate for transforming your landscape. We can work with any budget to save you money, water, and time.


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